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Photo Editing 

Aerial Editing

Aerial photographs are of great utility for firms in the real estate business. Both on the internet and in the print media, aerial photographs are frequently used by real estate firms to advertise properties. Short of actually visiting it, looking at an aerial image is the best possible means of acquainting oneself with a property for a prospective buyer.


The photo editing team at Infinia Edits will meticulously remove all unwanted trees and vegetation from the aerial photographs of your property.We will adjust and correct the light on an aerial photograph if it was taken in low or insufficient light.Our photo editors will also remove everything jarring like air units, roof vents, antennas, satellite dishes, transmission lines and power poles from a property's aerial photograph.


Day to Night Editing

Capturing sharp shots during dusk hours is not an easy task because of inadequate ambient lighting that makes the images look dim and grainy. Day to Night Digital Conversions or day to dusk conversion services offered by Infinia Edits are aimed at helping professional photographers convert pictures taken in broad daylight into dramatic impactful images, like they were captured during the golden hour .If you have captured images during different phases and weather conditions, our image editors can help you compile them together while creating sunset time-lapses. As per the client's requirements, we also lit the images using headlights or street lights.

HDR Blending

Blend images of varied exposures, different focus point and diverse shades of brightness and contrast to fashion a natural looking image of your real estate property with superior dynamic range.


The real estate HDR Image Blending professionals at Infinia Edits use a skillful combination of manual photo blending techniques and automated tools to give great picture value to our real estate clients. We use Photoshop in our manual image blending. Our digital photo blending specialists are adroit at using Adobe Photoshop CC2018, Enfuse, Enblend, etc. for automated blending images tasks.

Sky & Grass Replacement

Our real estate sky replacement services ensure the real estate business runs all year round. Property photo editing provides top quality professional sky and grass replacement services to real estate clients around the globe. Our real estate editors are familiar of the various sky and grass replacement options specific to various countries. Hence, by changing the background and replacing the sky in these images we get a dramatically changed and appealing image for marketing.

Before Editing
After Editing
Before Editing
After Editing
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